Elementor #787

"We have individual rights, not community rights" Ms.Peters, 56

This “pandemic” is leading the way in a big plan to take away your Constitutional right to freedom. The government and “law” officials are really overstepping their boundaries and we the individuals will not and should not stand for this type of tyranny.

People have become order followers without doing any research on the masks that they are wearing or on the vaccines that they are taking.

If you’re here, you most likely know this, and if not, I suggest you read some pages I have linked to on my “Resources & Useful Links” page.

Resources & Useful Links

Law makers are creating unconstitutional laws under the guise of public health.

How do you, the government,  say that you’re trying to protect our health and also, while this pandemic is taking place, proceed to then put up these harmful health hazards that emit a TON of radiation. Yes, I’m talking about 5G.

It is not about health, it is about controlling our lives and how we think. The end goal? Depopulation.

Quarantining the healthy is not okay!



Tons of videos are being removed from YouTube and FaceBook under the guise that it “violates community guidelines”.

I will be uploading a mirror of the video as SOON as it gets removed from YouTube, which we ALL know it will be.

....and just as I suspected the video has been deleted by youtube... I'll leave it there so you can see.

Here is the video that was deleted. A video of a nurse warning that wearing a mask will not stop this "virus". It's funny how only medical professionals that go along with their narrative are allowed to have a voice. But hen someone goes against it they are ridiculed and silenced!