George Floyd Hoax

Let's do a search to find out who "George Floyd" is?

Pay attention to the unnecessary descriptors being used to push the idea that this situation was fueled based on race...

Disclaimer: This is my take on everything.

Notice the obvious intent to blame the perceived actions of the “cop” was done because he was  racist.

Racism exists and there are people that hate other races, but more and more, each day, I see people claiming that everything is a racist act.


Initially when I saw the video, I thought, well, this looks like another overstep of authority by a cop. Cops tend to abuse their power and overstep their boundaries in many ways and is not exclusive to any race. They tread on everyone’s rights.. Race is not the main factor here.

But in this situation it is being made out to be one because that is how they staged it. Not to mention there were 4 cops at the scene. Each one of a different race and not one stopped to think about what they were doing, according to the videos they have shown.

Paid Riot Agitators/Paid "Protesters"

Strategically Placed Bricks for Rioters to Use

Videos of People Peacefully Protesting

Looting & Destruction of Property

Minnesota AG Keith Ellison

Tweet from Minnesota Attorney General's Son

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They’re very smart.. you see.. they have figured out a way to divide us more and more.. just how many friends have you lost recently? They have them under a deep spell somehow… everyone getting fed different truths living in different worlds… CoronaVirus is Real vs CoronaVirus is Fake… Masked vs Unmasked, Black vs White….

They are feeding you lies!
What sense does it make to listen to the people you claim are oppressing you?
You don’t think that they could be working together?

Question, why does the AG of Minnesota have an Antifa book.. ?
Is he working with Soros ?

Listen idk the answers but I do know that the video does not look right to me. It is not okay.

If you look at it without looking at the details all you see is what you want to see, white vs black. But they wanted you to see that. They want you to only pay attention to that detail. Why because it’s going to make you mad, of course. The cop that was doing the kneeling didn’t say a damn word. Why? So You could make up the intention of the staged actions.