Instantly tighten your vagina! Natural and cheap!

Instantly tighten your vagina! Natural and cheap!

Alum Water Douche

  1. Take a tiny penny sized crystal and add it to a jar of distilled water.
  2. Let it dissolve.
  3. After the crystal or powder has dissolved. Grab an unused tampon, a reusable vaginal douche or an enema bag with a vaginal nozzle and find a way to get the alum water into your vagina. 
  4. If using a tampon, do not leave it in for more than 5 minutes. You run the risk of making your vagina TOO tight.. lol

My Review

I tried this out today and my vagina felt like it did before I had kids. It is unbelievable how fast it worked. It was instant! I put the water in my reusable douche and just squeezed the water up there. After that I was curious so i checked it out myself. It actually worked.

I’m also using the alum do tighten my stomach along with dermarolling. I will update this page when and if I see results.

George Floyd Hoax

Let's do a search to find out who "George Floyd" is?

Pay attention to the unnecessary descriptors being used to push the idea that this situation was fueled based on race...

Disclaimer: This is my take on everything.

Notice the obvious intent to blame the perceived actions of the “cop” was done because he was  racist.

Racism exists and there are people that hate other races, but more and more, each day, I see people claiming that everything is a racist act.


Initially when I saw the video, I thought, well, this looks like another overstep of authority by a cop. Cops tend to abuse their power and overstep their boundaries in many ways and is not exclusive to any race. They tread on everyone’s rights.. Race is not the main factor here.

But in this situation it is being made out to be one because that is how they staged it. Not to mention there were 4 cops at the scene. Each one of a different race and not one stopped to think about what they were doing, according to the videos they have shown.

Paid Riot Agitators/Paid "Protesters"

Strategically Placed Bricks for Rioters to Use

Videos of People Peacefully Protesting

Looting & Destruction of Property

Minnesota AG Keith Ellison

Tweet from Minnesota Attorney General's Son

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They’re very smart.. you see.. they have figured out a way to divide us more and more.. just how many friends have you lost recently? They have them under a deep spell somehow… everyone getting fed different truths living in different worlds… CoronaVirus is Real vs CoronaVirus is Fake… Masked vs Unmasked, Black vs White….

They are feeding you lies!
What sense does it make to listen to the people you claim are oppressing you?
You don’t think that they could be working together?

Question, why does the AG of Minnesota have an Antifa book.. ?
Is he working with Soros ?

Listen idk the answers but I do know that the video does not look right to me. It is not okay.

If you look at it without looking at the details all you see is what you want to see, white vs black. But they wanted you to see that. They want you to only pay attention to that detail. Why because it’s going to make you mad, of course. The cop that was doing the kneeling didn’t say a damn word. Why? So You could make up the intention of the staged actions.

Ultimate Work at Home Jobs Post

Ultimate Work at Home Jobs Post

Whether you prefer to have a work at home job or just want that extra money every month, we have compiled a list of jobs that you can do from home/car.

Retail Audits / Mystery Shopping

For this one, you won’t necessarily be working from home (you need a car), but your hours are up to you, to an extent. lets you pick up shifts as a merchandiser making sure the certain products are where and how they should be and that enough inventory is stocked. Their are also single gigs that pay around $7 and take around 30 minutes. If you pick up a shift, it will likely be around 4 to 6 hours. You can make up to $150 a day on this app.

Field Agent

There is so much potential of making extra money with this app. It’s a smart phone app that basically lists different mystery shopping gigs. Sometimes they let you buy and try different products and they also reimburse you for them. You can cash out when you have more than $1 in your account. Try it out!


GigWalk is essentially like Field Agent. They usually have a bunch of smoke shops available. That’s what you call the tasks, shops. The type of shops you get depends on your area. I haven’t done many shops on here, but I know that they do pay.

This mystery shopping company doesn’t work like the others. You look for and apply for the jobs on their website. They do have a notifier app that notifies you of any jobs they have. They also have a GPS verifier app that you have to use occasionally for some jobs to verify that you are at the right place. The pay varies but usually expect to get around $25 per shop. They also offer reimbursements as well.

Internet Search Evaluation


Appen independent agents conduct in depth internet-based research and provide information evaluation for leading companies from around the globe. Check out the basic equipment and skills required to become an Appen independent agent.

Appen independent agents conduct in depth internet-based research and provide information evaluation for leading companies from around the globe. Check out the basic equipment and skills required to become an Appen independent agent.


Join us—come work for the world’s most trusted global communications platform.

We’re always on the hunt for the best people to work with. Our vast network of experts and visionaries makes us who we are. Full-time jobs. Part-time jobs. In one of our 47 offices or from your home. Start your own adventure with us as we continue to bring meaning to brands around the world.

Make money researching and writing up answers. 

Personally I just signed up for this and they say that you can make up to $30 an hour,but I have been hearing mixed reviews on this company. Read for yourself, the link to the review is down below. I also haven’t found anyone on YouTube reviewing this company. So I have mixed feelings about this company but this may be good for the right person.


Update (4/11/2020): I didn’t pass the qualification test. Oh well!

Micro Tasks / Surveys

I signed up for this website a little bit before PayPal decided not to work with them. This is basically a GetPaidTo site but this one has made me money faster than ANY OTHER GPT site out there. You have the possibility of making at least $20-$30 a day on her. The only problem is that there are no more PayPal cashouts. But they do have other cashout options like BitCoin which you can then send to PayPal through Coinbase.This site works in conjunction with Hideout.TV. You complete surveys(which pay $1-$6 each) on Hideout.TV’s Promo Center. Then you send your points to Gain.GG.


Get paid to test websites. I signed up for this website about 2 months back and every time I get an email saying there is a test available, it always says that someone has gotten to it before I have. So personally I haven’t made any money on this


r/BeerMoney is a subreddit where users post ways to make some extra cash on the side. This isn’t really a place to find jobs for a living but it’s good for small gigs or things you can do to supplement your main income.

I just found this by accident today (4/11/2020) Signed up for and account. It looks legit. This website is somewhat like Appen and Lionbridge but they have a variety of different tasks available. The bet part is that you don’t have to do one of those qualification tests.

This app list different tasks you can do right from your smartphone. Take note: You don’t make much with most of the jobs I see on there, but there are some high paying tasks.

Virtual assistant gigs available!


In the Background

Honeygain pays you to use your unused internet data. Data scientists use Honeygain’s platform to connect to the internet and Honeygain manages all these connections with strict safeguards to protect all these connections. The data scientists then use your unused data for their market and research purposes. Just let this app run in the background. I just installed it so I don’t know the earning potential yet but I’ve found some reviews.

Cryptotab mines BitCoin for you in the background while you are using your browser. Don’t expect millions from this. The only way you earn a decent amount is if you refer other people and build a”mining team”. But it’s cool to have it in the background to earn you some coins. You’re already using a browser for free so why not have it make you some change on the side?

Work from Home Resources

Work at home blog. Has a big list of companies hiring from home. Sign up for their newsletter, they update you with new work at home jobs everyday!

Customer Service Jobs

I applied to this company a while back and I got an email today telling me to take the typing and simulation test. I loved the simulation! It was very easy to do. It is basically like a regular job with the freedom of working from home. It’s a customer service job. Some jobs are phone based and some are chat based.

I thought I’d do a little research on the company since I may be working with them and I came across a couple of bad reviews. I won’t let that deter me from trying to work there though. I guess I’ll find out for myself.

Rare tips for your YouTube Channel

Rare tips for your YouTube Channel

1. Make More Videos / Upload Consistently

The more videos you have circulating YouTube, the more that YouTube will have to work with, in terms of data.
I’m not saying quantity over quality. What I AM saying is that quality = quantity. Try harder to upload MORE GOOD content.

2. Ping your YouTube URLs

Pinging your video and channel URLs helps search engines discover your channel/video faster. Which in turn helps potential viewers and subscribers find them as well.

3. Genuinely comment on other peoples videos

Instead of just watching videos try to make it a point to leave a comment about the video. Try not to mention your channel at all. If people love your comment, they will leave a like on it and possibly try and see if you have a channel by clicking on your name.

4. Don't forget to research and tag your videos

Keywords a.k.a “tags” are like the tags on your clothes. They tell you important information about your shirts, pants, etc.. That is basically what tags are for your video. They tell the search engines what your video is about. I use a website to generate tags for me.

This is an awesome plugin for Firefox and Chrome browsers.  This is great for keyword reason. Search for the topic of your video on google and tons of keywords show up on the right of the Google search results page.

5. Create awesome YouTube thumbnails

First impressions are pretty darn important! Imagine yourself scrolling down your YouTube feed. What the first thing you look at for each video? The thumbnail! Exactly! This could be the only thing that draws viewers in, besides the title.

6. Be the first to comment on your videos

Start the conversation! Ask your viewers a follow up question to your video. Seeing a comment in the comment section is better than seeing no comments. You have a better chance of someone commenting,  if there’s a comment already there. I know i’d feel better making a comment if saw one.

Rare tips for your YouTube Channel

Why is it easier to be angry and depressed than to be happy and uplifting?

This is what we’re used to. Unfortunately most of us have suffered some form of mental or physical trauma in our childhood that shaped your mentality for adulthood. Whether it was your dad not being there, one of your parents being a narcissist, getting spanked, etc… Whether is was intentional or not, it usually stems from our childhood.

Pain and suffering is familiar and that’s what we’re comfortable with. Changing anything within us takes hard work and strength.

Like an addiction, It takes strength to change our habits and do something we don’t usually do.

Make money with your smartphone!

Field Agent

Be a mystery shopper! Get paid to try different products. Sometimes they even pay you to get food at Little Caesars and McDonalds. But make sure you follow the instructions on the app or you may not get paid. For most of their jobs , they reimburse you for the food and pay you a fee on top of that!

Mist Play

Get paid to play games! Actually play, not just download like the other apps. The more you level up, the more units you get which you can then use to get a gift card. They also have prepaid virtual visa cards that you can use to shop anywhere online. As of today I’ve already made $20 on the app!

Here is an ASMR style video I made showing you what ways I use to make money on my smartphone!