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Hi there, beautiful people!

It’s really nice to have my own little space to speak my mind, I don’t really get to do that in real life, so I gotta do it on the internet, like everyone else.

I am a work at home mom. I can finally say that now. It took a while but I am reaching my goals. I never doubted that I would. I have so much hope and optimism towards everything and everyone. Maybe a little too much? Nah it’s good I like it! I like seeing the good in everyone. But at the same time I am extremely skeptical, yea it’s hella weird.

I’m a little bit controversial.. okay a lotta bit, but only because I see the world in a different way. I am open minded.  I see the beauty in the fact that everyone has different stories and views on topics, even though I may not agree with some of them. I am a free spirit, roaming wherever the universe wants to take me.

I believe in freedom. Which is why I don’t believe in government, which in latin, translates to mind control, which is the EXACT opposite of what I believe in. I believe not only in the freedom of the mind,but the freedom of the avatar, and we certainly do not have that either.

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