Rare tips for your YouTube Channel

Rare tips for your YouTube Channel

1. Make More Videos / Upload Consistently

The more videos you have circulating YouTube, the more that YouTube will have to work with, in terms of data.
I’m not saying quantity over quality. What I AM saying is that quality = quantity. Try harder to upload MORE GOOD content.

2. Ping your YouTube URLs

Pinging your video and channel URLs helps search engines discover your channel/video faster. Which in turn helps potential viewers and subscribers find them as well.

3. Genuinely comment on other peoples videos

Instead of just watching videos try to make it a point to leave a comment about the video. Try not to mention your channel at all. If people love your comment, they will leave a like on it and possibly try and see if you have a channel by clicking on your name.

4. Don't forget to research and tag your videos

Keywords a.k.a “tags” are like the tags on your clothes. They tell you important information about your shirts, pants, etc.. That is basically what tags are for your video. They tell the search engines what your video is about. I use a website to generate tags for me.

This is an awesome plugin for Firefox and Chrome browsers.  This is great for keyword reason. Search for the topic of your video on google and tons of keywords show up on the right of the Google search results page.

5. Create awesome YouTube thumbnails

First impressions are pretty darn important! Imagine yourself scrolling down your YouTube feed. What the first thing you look at for each video? The thumbnail! Exactly! This could be the only thing that draws viewers in, besides the title.

6. Be the first to comment on your videos

Start the conversation! Ask your viewers a follow up question to your video. Seeing a comment in the comment section is better than seeing no comments. You have a better chance of someone commenting,  if there’s a comment already there. I know i’d feel better making a comment if saw one.

Rare tips for your YouTube Channel

Why is it easier to be angry and depressed than to be happy and uplifting?

This is what we’re used to. Unfortunately most of us have suffered some form of mental or physical trauma in our childhood that shaped your mentality for adulthood. Whether it was your dad not being there, one of your parents being a narcissist, getting spanked, etc… Whether is was intentional or not, it usually stems from our childhood.

Pain and suffering is familiar and that’s what we’re comfortable with. Changing anything within us takes hard work and strength.

Like an addiction, It takes strength to change our habits and do something we don’t usually do.